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All About Parrots

parrot having a shower
Parrots love to shower

Bath Time

Most parrots love to take a shower but a build up of steam can cause toxins from chemicals in tap water and in bathroom cleaning products. Always leave the window open.

Parrots as Pets

Keeping a pet parrot can be a rewarding and wonderful experience. Owning one, however, is a tremendous responsibility. The decision to keep a parrot should be considered carefully.

Parrots are stunningly complex in their behaviour and intelligence. In the wild they are animals that lead rich lives: foraging, breeding and maintaining strong social bonds. This diverse life is often difficult to duplicate in captivity. As their keepers the best we can hope for is to approximate it as closely as possible.

Parrots are long-lived animals. The natural lifespan varies with the species but on average a healthy well-cared for parrot will live 50-70 years. The commitment to love and care for a parrot is a lifelong one.

Obtaining a Parrot

All About Parrots does not support the trapping of ANY parrots in the wild. Since there are millions of parrots in captivity All About Parrots discourages mass production of parrots for the pet trade. Where possible All About Parrots recommends the adoption of rescued parrots already in the pet population. Bird and Pet Rescue centres have wonderful birds needing homes. If buying a parrot from a breeder visit the breeder's premises. A reputable breeder will not mass produce. Reputable breeders might be more expensive, but they're your best bet for a friendly, healthy bird.