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All About Parrots

World Parrot Trust - Fly Free Campaign Video

Australian Rainbow Lorikeet, head and shoulders, eyes closed Green parrot feeding, full body shot

Parrots at Risk

Research has shown that as a group, the parrot family — Psittacidae — has a higher percentage of endangered species than any other bird family on earth. Collar et al. (1994) have identified 90 species of parrots that are at risk of global extinction. Amazingly 30% of New World Parrots — 44 species — are considered at risk of global extinction. Each species is an integral part of their environment and the extinction of even a single species is a sad and permanent loss to us all.

Parrot Conservation Organisations

The World Parrot Trust - founded in 1989 - is a dynamic international charity that moves quickly to aid urgent initiatives and support long-term projects to save parrots in the wild and help parrots in captivity. In nearly 20 years of effort the Trust has led conservation and welfare projects in 22 countries for more than 40 species of parrots.Visit World Parrot Trust Website

"If man can save the parrots, he may yet save himself"
Mike Reynolds, World Parrot Trust Founder

Parrots International works to promote the conservation of endangered parrot species and to improve the lives of companion parrots. Dr. Mark L. Stafford is the founder of Parrots International. Dr. Stafford and his wife, Marie, donate their time and resources to travel into the field to visit and evaluate "in situ" conservation projects. They donate their photos and videos to Parrots International as well as giving their time to manage and Parrots International.The organisation works in cooperation with other conservation organizations, donors, field research teams, responsible aviculturists and parrot clubs to propose, develop and fund conservation projects throughout the world. Parrots International supports conservation via aviculture and emphasize "in situ" conservation with the premise that "Conservation Happens in the Wild." Visit Parrots International Website

Both the World Parrot Trust and Parrots International promote the education of the public and parrot owners on the proper care and unique requirements of healthy, happy companion parrots.

What you can do to help captive parrots and protect parrots in the wild

  • Support legitimate wild parrot conservation organizations.
  • Support Conservation organisations initiatives to repopulate species in the wild.
  • Adopt and rescue a homeless parrot if you are wanting to make a parrot part of your family.
  • Write to your legislators and encourage them to create stronger laws to protect wild and captive birds.
  • Write to representatives of countries that legally catch, export and import wild parrots to let them know that you will boycott their products and avoid travelling to their country. Ask them to enforce existing laws that restrict the catching and exportation of wild caught parrots.
  • Encourage countries that exploit, import, and export their wildlife, to instead use their natural resources for environmentally friendly tourism.